VA Adapted Housing Grants

Program Description

VA provides grants to Servicemembers and Veterans with certain permanent and total service-connected disabilities to help purchase or construct an adapted home, or modify an existing home to accommodate a disability. Two grant programs exist: the Specially Adapted Housing (SAH) grant and the Special Housing Adaptation (SHA) grant.


  • The maximum dollar amount allowable for SAH grants in fiscal year 2013 is $64,960.
  • The maximum dollar amount allowable for SHA grant in fiscal year 2013 is $12,992.
  • Eligible veterans or service members may now receive up to three grants, with the total dollar amount of the grants not to exceed the maximum allowable.


  • Each grant program is open to service members and veterans with specific service-connected disabilities.
  • Modifications must be made to a permanent residence owned by the service member or veteran. In the case of the SHA grant, the home may be owned by a family member.

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