Aid & Attendance

Program Description

Veterans and survivors who are eligible for a VA pension and require the aid and attendance of another person may be eligibility for additional monetary payment. These benefits are paid in addition to the monthly pension and are used to pay for healthcare services.


  • You must have a current VA pension.
  • You must require the aid of another person to perform personal functions. Examples include: bathing, feeding, dressing, attending to the wants of nature, adjusting prosthetics, or protecting yourself from hazards.

Additional requirements (you must meet at least one of the below criteria in addition to all of the above.)

  • You are bedridden, in that your disability or disabilities require that you remain in bed apart from any prescribed course of treatment.
  • You are a patient in a nursing home due to mental or physical incapacity.
  • Your eyesight is limited to a corrected 5/200 visual acuity or less in both eyes; or concentric contraction of the visual field to 5 degrees or less

How To Apply

You may apply for Aid & Attendance benefits by writing to the Pension Management Center that serves your state. You may also visit your local VA Regional Benefit Office for assistance.

You must include a VA Form 2680 which must be filled out by a physician.

Contact Info

John Gillard


380 Westminster St.

Providence, RI 02903

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