Captel Captioned Telephones

Services Provided

OEI provides Outreach, Education, & Installations of CapTel Captioned Telephones. We provide a no-cost solution for people who have trouble hearing over the telephone. Complimentary in-person or over-the-phone installation support and training available.


  • Veterans with hearing loss are eligible to receive a CapTel captioned telephone at no cost with a signed certification from their Veterans Service Officer, doctor, nurse or hearing healthcare professional. CapTel is exclusively designed for individuals who have difficulty hearing on the phone, under provisions of the Americans with Disabilities Act. CapTel service is part of a federally-funded program regulated by the FCC and available only to registered users with hearing loss.

How To Apply

  • Contact your local Outreach Educator, Tina Marie Davern at 857-218-8707 (call/text) or email

About OEI

Our team is dedicated to helping Veterans stay connected. OEI raises awareness of programs that provide free Captioned Telephone service to individuals with hearing loss.

Contact Info

Tina Marie Davern



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