Rhode Island Family Relief Fund

Program Description

The Rhode Island Military Relief Fund was estab-lished by a bill sponsored by former Lieutenant Governor Charles Fogarty. The bill was signed by the Governor of Rhode Island on July 2, 2004 to assist Rhode Island National Guard or Reserve Component members and their families in times of crisis that can reasonably be expected to be remedied with a one-time grant that is either financial or casualty based. The fund was recently changed to also include Active Duty components.

The Rhode Island Military Relief Fund is not a State Agency or Federal entity. The Military Family Relief Fund Board of Directors sets policy and has the responsibility to oversee the operation of the program and act on all grant applications.

In 2013 the criteria changed due to the continuous changes in deployments and other considerations. As a result the requirement for the crisis to be caused by a deployment or mobilization has been eliminated.

Maximum amount for a one time financial or casualty grant is $5,000 per military/immediate family member.


  • Any member currently in good standing with a military component/unit located in Rhode Island or a member of an active duty component with Rhode Island as a home of record or his or her immediate family.
  • You are registered in the Defense Eligibility Enrollment Reporting System (DEERS) or have equivalent documentation to support the member’s status.
  • Have suffered a casualty. Based on Purple Heart injury/death/MIA/POW, as a result of being deployed/mobilized in support of the Global War on Terrorism (GWOT), a contingency operation or in support of Homeland Security (must be validated by the member’s service component).
  • Have an emergency financial need.
  • The Service Member must have served at least one year of satisfactory military service and must be currently in good standing with their assigned unit.
  • Financial assistance needed for (to include but not limited too) rent/mortgage, utilities, medical services/prescription, and insurance or vehicle payments.
  • Grants are subject to board approval.


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