Transition Assistance Advisor

Program Description

The Transition Assistance Advisor (TAA) serves as the statewide point-of-contact to assist Servicemembers in accessing benefits, services, and information. Transition Assistance Advisors can connect you to Veterans Affairs benefits, healthcare, and community resources, walking you through the system to get you the services you deserve.

The Transition Assistance Advisor for Rhode Island is Chuck O’Connor.


  • Assistance in accessing VA services and benefits.
  • Assistance in obtaining TRICARE benefits.
  • Referral to community resources.


  • While the Transition Assistance Advisor Program was initially designed to serve National Guard members and their families, the Transition Assistance Advisor also provides the same support and assistance to all members of the Armed Forces, both active and reserve, veterans, military retirees, and their families.

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Chuck O'Connor