VA Pension

Program Description

Pension is a tax-free monetary benefit payable to low-income wartime Veterans, who are disabled or elderly.

Veterans who are eligible for Pension benefits and are housebound or require the aid and attendance of another person for daily living may be eligible to receive additional monetary amounts.


  • The pension benefit amount is the difference between the countable family income and the pension rate. The pension rate depends on whether the veteran has dependents, is housebound, or requires aid and attendance. For a Veteran with no dependents, the basic pension rate is $12,465 per year.
  • The pension benefit is paid in 12 equal monthly installments.


Supplemental Materials

Pension factsheet.

About Providence VA Regional Office

The Providence VA Regional Office serves veterans in RI and southeastern Massachusetts. The Regional Office is responsible for the management of most non-medical benefits provided by the Veterans Benefits Administration, including compensation, pension, vocational rehabilitation ... MORE

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