Veterans Treatment Court

Program Description

The Veterans Treatment Court is a designated calendar for veterans’ cases at the Kent County District Court. The Veterans Treatment Court integrates treatment plans and support with the judicial process. Its mission is to successfully rehabilitate veteran participants by providing the tools and skills necessary to address their unique challenges and to reintegrate successfully into society. The Veterans Treatment Court focuses on veterans diagnosed with trauma-related disorders and provides treatment options that may result in jail diversion, reduction of charges, or alternatives in sentencing. This jail diversion program is also known as the RI Alternatives to Sentencing and Trauma Recovery Program with Priority to Veterans or ASTR.


  • Compliance with treatment options and court recommendations is supervised through court-ordered review dates.
  • Participating veterans may be referred to the Trauma, Addiction, Mental Health, and Recovery (TAMAR) Program as part of their treatment.
  • Veterans receive peer support through the Veterans Mentor Program.
  • Veterans are given access to additional services through the VA and supporting organizations.


  • Veterans and military members must have service-connected trauma.
  • Criminal charges and history can affect eligibility.

How To Apply

  • Contact Carol Giordano at Pretrial Services for information about Veterans Treatment Court or to make a referral. Veterans may also identify themselves to their lawyer or to Pretrial Services at their local District Court. Family members, law enforcement, and judges may also refer cases to Pretrial Services.

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