Heroes With Hearing Loss

About Heroes With Hearing Loss:

The Heroes With Hearing Loss® program was established to raise awareness and begin conversations about common — as well as unique — hearing loss experiences among veterans, veteran families, friends and healthcare professionals. The program is specifically designed to bring real-life solutions to veterans and provide tools and resources to better manage hearing loss, no matter where veterans are in their hearing loss journey.

Services Provided

The Heroes With Hearing Loss® program is dedicated to bringing veterans, veteran families, Veteran Service Officers and hearing healthcare professionals together to share proven, lifestyle-focused solutions that can make a life-changing difference for veterans with hearing loss. Join the program for access to our growing library of resources including articles, blogs, infographics and videos, as well as other educational materials.


The Heroes With Hearing Loss program is open to the entire veteran and active service community interested in learning more about the effects of hearing loss and its impact on overall health outcomes, solutions, treatments, emerging research as well as medical and technological advances in the field.

How to Apply

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Shari Penner – Program Manager

Phone: 800-974-1517

Email: info@HeroesWithHearingLoss.org