Child & Family’s Circle of Parents Program

Program Description

Child & Family’s Circle of Parents program is founded on the belief that children are valuable and have the right to grow up free from abuse and neglect; that children have the right to a nurturing home, family, and community; and that parents have the right to non–judgmental support, respect, and compassion. 

Unlike the more traditionally-oriented programs for the prevention of child abuse and neglect, the Circle of Parents program is a parent-focused, parent-led support group for biological parents, adoptive parents, foster parents, grandparents, kinship caregivers, etc. It provides an opportunity for people to exchange ideas, share information, learn new parenting skills, and gather information about available community resources. 


All meetings are free, parent-led, and guided by trained group facilitators with the goal of helping families strengthen their core units and understand the value of essential communication and responsibility. 

The Circle of Parents principles of parental support groups include:

  • Trust – listen to each other openly and honestly, with compassion and non–judgment 
  • Reciprocity – parents are the best teachers and can learn from one another 
  • Respect – everyone has the right to be heard in the safety of the group 
  • Parenting – focus on what is happening today and how that will make a better tomorrow 


Circle of Parents is a FREE program and open to anyone in Rhode Island. The Circle of Parents model seeks to reduce isolation, which is a critical contributing factor to child abuse and neglect. The Circle of Parents model seeks to reduce parent and caregiver isolation, which is a critical contributing factor to child abuse and neglect, while also helping to build self–esteem and reinforce positive parenting. The program also offers parents the opportunity to be exposed to other families, letting them know that their behavior and their family dynamics are typical, and providing reassurance that the challenges a parent faces are not insurmountable. The program also promotes parent leadership and shared leadership within each group, provides the opportunity to improve communication and problem–solving skills, and links parents to valuable resources in the community. Parents who parent together create communities of leaders who support one another to build strong and vibrant families where children can be safe and thrive.

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About Us

Child & Family’s commitment to our community has been strong and unwavering since we began serving Newport County and Rhode Island in 1866. Our core values that led us this far will carry us through to brighter days, especially now, as our services are more valuable than ever. Child & Family has developed various programs to support all in need, regardless of age or situation. We provide early childhood development education and care, housing for women and children, foster care services, counseling for seniors in times of struggle, and family therapy. Our devotion to helping the most vulnerable populations binds us together and creates an important sense of solidarity during these difficult times.

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